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The slurry is the result of  combination of  pork manure with the waters we use to wash the pig’s pens.

From these slurry we develop the following products:

  1. Biogas; it allows us to generate electricity and caloric energy.
  2. Bio-fertilizer; it allows us to fertilize and improve soils.

Fertigation with pork slurry;

It consists of adding pig slurry to the irrigation water as fertilizer, to generate a better distribution and absorption of nutrients in the different crops, whether annual, prairies, fruits or vines. In this way we incorporate Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and other essential nutrients to the soil,  supporting the growth of the plants.


  1. Lower production costs, since we are reducing the purchase of inorganic fertilizers.
  1. Increase of production, since the set of nutrients from the slurry generates an exponential crop growth.

  1. Improvement of soil quality, since it has an organic load that helps roots growth.

  1. An increase of the quantity and quality of irrigation water.